Why to use Eco Ganapati and How to make Clay Eco Lord Ganesh

Watch this beautiful animation from skillbell which summarises the necessity to look for Eco Ganapati.


As the video highlights, there is a immense necessity to look for the pollution caused by material which is mostly Plaster of Paris ( PoP ) used for making Lord Ganesh Idols. Lets look for what could be more reasons for why to avoid PoP and look for alternative eco friendly ways to make Ganesh while we enjoy our Ganapati festival.

At the end of Ganesh Festival, we immerse the Idols into water, mostly river, ponds, lakes etc, and there are large number of idols getting immersed into water which results water getting polluted since PoP doesn’t degrades easily, takes much longer time than clay and also causes acidification of water which could result into creating life threatening problems to natural habitat like Fish etc. whereas when we use Clay Ganapati’s doesn’t pollute water much following the actual meaning of “Visrajan” i.e. going back to nature.

How to Make Eco Clay Ganapati

Watch the video from Kiran Jangir which shows how to make a SADU Clay Ganapati.