Useful Android Mobile Applications for Agriculture, Farming Sector #1

Horticultural Crops 2011-12

– The data refers to number of horticultural crops varieties released on national level. The horticultural crops includes varieties released from vegetables, fruits, ornamental, medicinal and aromatic, plantation and spice crops. Download Link

Plant Anatomy

– This apps provides information about plant anatomy. Download Link

Daily Market Prices

– The data refers to State-wise, market-wise, variety-wise prices of Lotus. It has the daily wholesale maximum price, minimum price and modal price. This dataset is generated through the AGMARKNET Portal ( which disseminates daily market information of various commodities. Download Link

Agriculture-Rural Technology

– Agriculture-Rural Technology mobile app provides information related to study of soil, climate, plant nutrients, manures, fertilizers, field crops, horticulture crops, different diseases of crop plants, study of pests of crop plants, weeds and weed control, plant propagation and nursery, advance techniques in agriculture, green house, poly house feeds and fooders, study of cattle, breeding in livestock, pregnency in live stock, milk production, study of poultry, study of goat and study of sheep. Download Link