Top USA Presidential Candidates Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, Donald Trump on Rural Policy and Agriculture

46 million rural residents make up nearly 15 percent of America’s population, and rural America provides the foundation for the entire country’s economic success. As the America’s next presidential election nears, here we will try to highlight what some of the top contenders for next presidents post has to offer for farmers and rural communities of America.

Hillary Clinton on Rural Policy and Agriculture

Clinton’s focus on strengthening rural America for the next generation focuses on four key areas.

  1. Spurring investment to power the rural economy.
    1. Expand access to equity capital for rural businesses by increasing the number of Rural Business Investment Companies (RBICs)
    2. Simplify regulations for community banks
    3. Create a national infrastructure bank and invest in infrastructure
    4. Streamline, expand, and make permanent the New Markets Tax Credit (NMTC)
    5. Strengthen USDA grant programs
  2. Raising agricultural production and profitability for family farms.
    1. Support the next generation of farmers
    2. Build a strong local and regional food system
    3. Provide a focused safety net for farmers and ranchers
    4. Fight for comprehensive immigration reform
  3. Expanding opportunity in rural communities across America
    1. Make critical investments in our youngest learners
    2. Ensure cost won’t be a barrier for college.
    3. Improve health care access for rural Americans
    4. Ensure that our rural communities have better access to substance abuse prevention, early intervention, and treatment.

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Bernie Sanders on Rural Policy and Agriculture

As president, Senator Sanders will adopt policies that will:

  • Make sure that family farmers and rural economies thrive;
  • Expand support for young and beginning farmers;
  • Produce an abundant and nutritious food supply;
  • Establish an on-going regeneration of our soils; and
  • Enlist farmers as partners in promoting conservation and stewardship to keep our air and water clean and to combat climate change.
  1. Family Farms instead of Factory Farms
    Senator Sanders believes that we need more family farms, not more factory farms.
  2. Supporting Agriculture
    1. Fighting for America’s small and mid-sized farms.
    2. Encouraging the growth of regional food systems.
    3. Reversing trade policies like NAFTA
    4. Enforcing our country’s antitrust laws against large agribusiness and food corporations.
  3. Plans to Rebuild Rural America
    1. Improving our electric grid.
    2. Investing in broadband and high-speed Internet services.
    3. Improving our dams and levees.

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Donald Trump on Rural Policy and Agriculture

We could not find much information about the details of views of Donald Trump on Rural Policy and Agriculture. We could only find some information at website Is trump still terrible for agriculture ?

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