Opensource softwares for Agriculture / Farm Management

Android App

FarmOS  farmOS is a web-based application for farm management and planning. It is built on Drupal, which makes it modular, extensible, and secure. Openlayers is used for mapping and geodata manipulation. Check the article “Installing FarmOS on Linux/Ubuntu Desktop” if you want to try the FarmOS software by your own. The source code is also … Read more

Organizations working for opensource in agriculture and allied sector


Open Food Network Founded in Australia, the Open Food Network started as a little experiment with a van, some farmers and some friends. Since then it has grown to become an open source platform collaboratively nurtured by like-minded people around the world. The Open Food Network is the flagship project of the Open Food Foundation … Read more

Culticycle – A pedal powered tractor by Farmhack


Culticycle ( as shown in below video ) is a pedal powered tractor prototyped by farmhack for cultivation and seeding, built from lawn tractor, ATV, and bicycle parts. Speed : Speed is 3 – 4 mph depending on choice of gearing and pedaling speed. Benefits : Small tractors do many jobs very well and very … Read more