Why to use Eco Ganapati and How to make Clay Eco Lord Ganesh

Watch this beautiful animation from skillbell which summarises the necessity to look for Eco Ganapati.   As the video highlights, there is a immense necessity to look for the pollution caused by material which is mostly Plaster of Paris ( PoP ) used for making Lord Ganesh Idols. Lets look for what could be more … Read more

What an idea !


At Vikalp Sangam, everyone has a story. Mari Marcel Thekaekara is impressed with the impact their ideas make on society. Hope in the midst of despair? Pick up any newspaper. The headlines shout corruption, scams, war, the horrific ISIS beheadings, Boko Haram abductions, rape. So news about a Vikalp Sangam, a confluence of alternative ideas … Read more