What an idea !


At Vikalp Sangam, everyone has a story. Mari Marcel Thekaekara is impressed with the impact their ideas make on society. Hope in the midst of despair? Pick up any newspaper. The headlines shout corruption, scams, war, the horrific ISIS beheadings, Boko Haram abductions, rape. So news about a Vikalp Sangam, a confluence of alternative ideas … Read more

I Have A Dream Project, Global Art-Farming-Peace project by Artist Shweta Bhattad

I am Shweta Bhattad, visual Artist from India. I am invited for Vancouver Biennale 2014-2016. The broader theme of this Biennale is Martin Luther’s King’s speech “I have a dream”. I went to residency for Vancouver Biennale at Squamish in month of July 2014. For this Biennale programme I proposed Global Art Farming Peace Project and named the project … Read more

Culticycle – A pedal powered tractor by Farmhack


Culticycle ( as shown in below video ) is a pedal powered tractor prototyped by farmhack for cultivation and seeding, built from lawn tractor, ATV, and bicycle parts. Speed : Speed is 3 – 4 mph depending on choice of gearing and pedaling speed. Benefits : Small tractors do many jobs very well and very … Read more

Role of Eco-Friendly Agricultural Practices in Indian Agriculture Development – Dr. Mandavi Mishra

Eco friendly Agriculture

International Journal of Agriculture and Food Science Technology (IJAFST) ISSN No. 2249-3050, Volume 4 No. 2 (2013)11 ROLE OF ECO-FRIENDLY AGRICULTURAL PRACTICES IN INDIAN AGRICULTURE DEVELOPMENT Mandavi Mishra Bioversity, International Office for South Asia NASC Complex, Pusa Campus, New Delhi-12 Abstract Green revolution technologies have more than doubled the yield potential of rice and wheat, … Read more