Story of an IT Employee

There is an IT Employee working as a software developer in a well known Multinational Company. When he is assigned for a project of one overseas client, he himself prepares a work breakdown structure, project plan and delivery schedule and gets an approval from his client.

As the projects kicks off, he starts following the scrum, responds to each and every email from his client within no time, gives daily and weekly updates of his tasks so his client knows the progress of the project.

As the project deadline nears, he delivers well tested, bug Free software to his client well in advance of the deadline.  So, as you have read, he works very hard, puts his all efforts and dedication into the project ( burns midnight oil ) and delivers a quality product to the client. So, the end result should be his client appreciating his efforts  and his company may be considering for his name in next appraisal … right ?

But wait.. what finally happens is His overseas client asks his employer ( MNC Company ) to pay $$$ to them ( client ) for the work done by him … ( business not as usual.. right? read the sentence again )..

Well, The story doesn’t end here,

Now the same IT employees father is a farmer cultivating their ancestral land in their hometown village. This year, he envisions that there could be some good market for onions, hence sows the Onion’s into his farm. He irrigates that onion farm on time, takes care from all the natural calamities like unseasonable rain, hailstorm etc, and harvests good quality onion crop and takes it to the market for selling. In the market when he sells those onions and gets a payment receipt.. on it, he was actually asked to pay ₹₹₹ rupees from his own pocket, in return of the onions which he just now sold into market…..

Sooooooo, which story would you like to believe, first half… story of the IT Employee or the second half… story of his father who is a farmer.

If you think, the story of the IT Employee is just impossible to believe and at the same time and gave your silent nod to the story of his farmer father.. aren’t we doing some injustice to the Farmers ? What you think …….


We are IT Engineers, and our father is a farmer and its the time for us to give it back from where we came. Green Ecosystem is our baby step into this.. Visit our website and explore the world of Agro Ecosystem and see how you can get benefited from it.

Reference’s to story of a farmer :


Farmer showing his 1 Rupee after selling 952 Kg of Onion

[ Photo Credit, FB post from Ravish Kumar ]

Watch the Video of Farmer as covered in Ravish Kumar’s prime time debate, and also know views and facts from Agriculture Economist Devinder Sharma at ]


Payment receipt of 1 Rs Earned by farmer, after selling 952 Kg of Onion.

[ Picture Credit, Facebook post ]

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