Organizations working for opensource in agriculture and allied sector

Open Food Network

Founded in Australia, the Open Food Network started as a little experiment with a van, some farmers and some friends. Since then it has grown to become an open source platform collaboratively nurtured by like-minded people around the world.

The Open Food Network is the flagship project of the Open Food Foundation is a non-profit, registered charity established in October 2012 to develop, accumulate and protect open source knowledge, code, applications and platforms for fair and sustainable food systems.

If you want to try the open food network software by your own you can by following steps from ” Installing Open Food Network online marketplace for local food on Ubuntu Linux “

The open food networks source code is available at github openfood repo.


Open Food Facts

Open Food Facts is a free, open and collaborative database of food products from the entire world. On the website there is list of foods with the details of each products ingredients, nutrition facts etc which are submitted by people. The contributors to the Open Food Facts project are people that are passionate about food. They add products to the database and they are also the primary source for improvements and applications ideas through the Idea Forum and several others venues for the Open Food Facts community to share and discuss.  The source code is available at github.

Farm Hack

Farm Hack is a worldwide community of farmers who build and modify own tools. Community people share their own hacks online and at meet ups because the community believe we can become better farmers when we work together. Farm hack website is a good resource to find the information about lots of innovative tools required for farming and there you can find the designs of those tools open for everyone.

You can read information about one of such tool “Culticycle – A pedal powered tractor by Farmhack” at the article.

Open Agriculture Initiative (OpenAG)

The Open Agriculture Initiative (OpenAG) is an An open source ecosystem of food technologies to create healthier, more engaging and more inventive food systems. Its mission is to create more farmers for the future of food production. OpenAG is developing the open source hardware and software platforms for sensor-controlled hydroponic and aeroponic agriculture systems. Visit OpenAG Website.

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