My Journey from Banking to Farming – by Mr. Krishna Rai

When I was young my thinking was that I was the son of a land lord, but that thinking was not  without reason, as my dad was having good amount of lands in those days. Well that was in 60’s/and 70’s, but soon my proud feelings got a dent when we lost major part of our lands due to land Reforms of that era. Yet our life in those days were certainly comfortable.
In fact on those days I planned for stopping my education, for a dreamy farming on our dads well planned farm. But my dad realized the future,and drove me to Bangalore with his dream of making me a good lawyer. And after law I opted for a banks job, in late sixties.


Farm of Krishna Rai
My Farm Currently

          Well, at bank, I got a fairly reasonable success. But ultimately in all my 37 years of fruitful service, I was only good in safeguarding public money, but miserably failed in making my own money. Yet no regrets, but to a great extent I am proud on that.  And finally now after Banks job, being the son of a great farmer, I got this chance of falling back on farming now. For my luck this piece of land of my wife is intact. Well, I could have opted for a comfortable city life, but, yet my dream of the sixties is getting fulfilled. Well as to the plus and minuses of the farming most of you are sure well versed than me.

          Finally, I feel and sure that with my farming money I may not fly on the sky, but yet I am sure I will not sink either. And as far as my comforts on life I was really comfortable as a boy with my dad,and so was in my banking long days,and certainly more comfortable and more happy today than I was ever.

Good days to you all, and wish me for my good days too.

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Mr Krishna Rai Mr. Krishna Rai has worked with Vijaya Bank in past and currently does farming. He can be reached through Facebook profile





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