Marathi Movies featuring Agriculture – I

Gosh Choti

Gosht Choti Dongraevadhi

Is a 2009 Movie starring Makarand Anaspure as a Lead Actor. The film focuses on the plight of farmers in maharashtra’s drought hit region and Farmer Suicides. The film establishes how poor farmers are being wronged by society and government.

Source and Credit : Wikipedia, IMDB

Jhing-chik-jhingJhing Chik Jhing

Jhing Chik Jhing Movie tells the story of a boy growing up in a debt ridden part of India, where farmers routinely commit suicide – sometimes with their families to escape the debt trap.  It tells the story of a boy who dares to hope and dream. 2010 movie stars Chinmay Kambli  and Bharat Jadhav as lead actors.

Source and Credit – Wikipedia, IMDB


Kapus Kondyachi Goshta

Movie is  story of triumph over tragedy, where the strong will of simple village girl wins over all odds to become an  inspiration for many. In this land of cotton growers, the heartrending farmer’s suicides are a continuing tragedy in  Maharashtra. It is these grim circumstances that unfold the story of Joyti along with her three sisters as they stand  against village head and ever-fickle villagers. Movie stars Makarand Anaspure, Samidha Guru and Bharat Ganeshpure in  the lead roles.  Source and Credit – Wikipedia

Gabhricha Paus

Gabhricha Paus

The film is about the life of a farmer Kisna (Girish Kulkarni), who is trying to get a good crop in the drought-stricken Vidarbha region, which has been notorious for farmer suicides. It also allegorically tells about how lack of information and education amongst the farmers, can ruin them, despite their indefatigable spirit.

Source : Wikipedia

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