Draft Internet of things (IoT) policy of Government of India – Agriculture Highlights

To leverage India’s strength as a leader in the global service industry, through suitable promotion and supportive mechanisms the draft IoT policy has been formulated to create IoT ecosystem in India.


i. To setup project for precision farming which uses data analysis to customize operations.
The project may include monitoring of soil moisture, vibrations, earth density and pests to detect dangerous patterns in land conditions and create an online update mechanism for farmers.

ii. To setup a project to allow farmers to monitor online, the temperature of grain bins and receive an alert if the temperature rises outside of an acceptable range to help them preserve grains in storage areas. This also can be extended to alerts for pest controls requirements.

iii. To create unmanned tools for spray of pest control and other insecticides.

For supporting this, Gov. of India, created The Center of Excellence (CoE) for Internet of Things (CoE-IoT) which will,

  • Host IoT incubation infrastructure to support start-ups, SMEs, students and other innovators based on membership and support from design to prototype in productizing their ideas.
  • The CoE-IoT will be set up in major cities for Internet of Things innovation housing hardware design tools including 3D manufacturing facilities, PCB manufacturing and PCB assembly, rapid prototyping, wireless development kits, application sensors, software tools, training on specific technologies, industry interface etc. that otherwise would be difficult to afford for the start-ups, democratizing the innovation process. The industry liaison will be the responsibility of an industry partner, while ERNET will provide the academic interfacing.

You can check the Center of Excellence (CoE) for Internet of Things (CoE-IoT) Website for more details. http://coe-iot.com/

In the draft pdf documents, we can find other information in more details. You can check the latest version (2015) of the pdf at “Revised Draft IoT Policy

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