Agriwin – India’s leading manufacturer of Low Tunnel, Non-Woven Fabric

“Agriwin” is leading company in INDIA who promote new technology in Indian agriculture sector for use of “LOW TUNNEL” among small farmers .

Our project is about the production of vegetables & reducing use of pesticides for insect control by using low tunnel farming. It’s an emerging opportunities in Indian cultivation of vegetable as well leafy vegetables without use of pesticides in Gujarat, Rajasthan, Maharashtra and other states in India.

As per our study, the production of vegetables in the country is currently limited to certain time period during the year due to seasonal variations. However, due to the invention of modern agriculture there is an opportunity for growing a variety of vegetables in winter & Summer as well in off-season. With the help of this Technic farmers can reduce use of pesticides. They protect crop from frost in winter as well heat waves in summer. With the help of Low Tunnel temperature variation upto 5 degree in both season with compare to out side temperature like warmer in winter and cool in summer.

Benefit of Crop Cover / Row cover/ Frost cover:

  1. Drastically reduces frost damage by cushioning sudden temperature drops( Can be use in Winter and Summer )
  2. Creates suitable micro-climate for growth & development
  3. Enables earlier seeding hence larger yields (upto 15%)
  4. Protecting the plants against insects and birds.
  5. Protects from hailstorms, frost, and heavy gusts of wind.
  6. Reduction in the need for pesticides treatment of plants (Reduce upto 70%)
  7. Used for off-season production.
  8. Better air/water and gas permeability.
  9. Can provide local greenhouse effect

Crop Cover used in:

cultivation of melon, water melon, Carrots,pumpkins, Tomatoes, Radish, Cauliflower, Potatoes, Spinach,Leeks, Herbs, Shrubs and Flowers etc.

Watch Agriwin MD speaking about Low Tunnel Technology currently getting used in Jaipur for Vegetable Cuntivation

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Low Tunnel

Use of Agriwin Non-Woven Fabric for Banana Cultivation

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Using Agriwin Non-Woven Fabric for protecting pomegranates from Sunburn protection

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